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From butterflies to tiny feet...

When these two hearbeats whispered, "There you are...I have been waiting for you" a new dawn began. The next chapter for Emmery and Mike is welcoming baby Lila Elizabeth Smith into this world. Their love butterflies blossomed within and now wrap their daughter's tiny feet! Capturing their love and sacred bond as they are about to welcome baby Lila was an honor. It was a mutual love affair amidst nature as we connected over our captures. A lifelong friendship was formed, and their photos are a return ticket to a moment in time that will never be forgotten. Cheers to savoring life every hundredth of a second! Thanks, Emmery and Mike! #maternity #loveblossoms #babybump #motherhood #maternidad #pregnancy #bebe #maternityphotography #consumnesriverpreserve

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